Ikaro restaurant in Leini


A good breakfast to start the day
At the Ikaro Restaurant in Leini, all of its customers, during breakfast, can enjoy their own hotel's own desserts, without forgetting the fast and easy working breakfasts.

Typical Piedmontese and international cuisine
The Ikaro Restaurant offers, alongside the dishes of Piedmont tradition, the finest international cuisine; This way, thanks to a celiac menu, any kind of need or preference can be met.

Selection of wines
A very special care is devoted to the well-stocked Italian and Piedmontese wines. Along with this, the Palace Palace Hotel will be at your disposal in choosing the best match based on the chosen and served dishes.

The Ikaro Restaurant is closed on Saturdays for lunch and Sunday all day. It remains open for personalized receptions and banquets. In fact, each air-conditioned hall of the Hotel Palace is perfectly suited to every kind of reception and ceremony.